Christian Pawlu: Song for the Millennium (From Latin)

Song For A New Millennium
Christian Pawlu (b. 1977)

We march and make way toward uncharted times.
We mark the past by force of memory.
Men who forget the glory of ancestral works
Who cannot even speak their father's name,
Those whose tongues each day shirk the ancestral words...
Such men do not deserve their origin.
We wade with mighty steps into a millennium,
Guided by what has been through what must be.

The Original:

Carmen Sæculare
Christianus Paulus

Præteriti simus in alia et nova tempora saecli,
Marce, memores nunc ingredientes et nos.
Nam qui facti et honoris est oblitus maiorum,
declamare patrum nomina neve potest,
qui aut cottidie repetit non verba suorum,
is non est dignus sua quidem genere.
Millennium in æquum procedimus et properamus.
Duces nobis sint tempora præterita.


  1. Quietly effective. Interesting to see New York as Novi Eboraci.

  2. LOVE the footnote regarding the "Rus". Hmmm Pushkin and the Decembrists....I wonder.

  3. PS One of my girlfriends, a veteran of the most bizarre gender wars, twists the beginning stanza of this poem into a most mutilated and hilarious joke, having to do with her nether parts.

  4. For how my kindling lyre _bade_ kindly feelings grow

  5. To God and His commands pay Thou good heed, O Muse.

    Веленью Божию, о муза, будь послушна...

  6. What a ridiculous article. Culturally parochial, at best. Anyone warning that some creative works are demonic in origin simply earns my pity.


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